LILA! was founded to ensure that you have a perfect hair day every day! We believe that our hair accessories give every outfit a unique look, they are the perfect finishing touch! We design colorful and durable hair accessories for every hair type. We ignore plastic in the production of our hair clips. We design our cheerful hair clips with one goal in mind: that they last as long as possible without breaking!
Take a look at our colorful collection and see which hair clip, headband or scrunchie suits you best!


🥕 Seed paper that will bloom:

When you order you will receive a card containing carrot seeds. Plant our card in the ground and roots will grow.

♻️ Recycle-friendly boxes:

Our shipping boxes are made from 100% recyclable material.

🌱Sustainable materials:

We ignore plastic in the production of our products. We use acetate, a biodegradable material, to produce our hair clips. Furthermore, a number of our scrunchies are made from cotton remnants that would otherwise be thrown away.

💪🏼Strong materials:

Our materials are of the best quality so that you can last for a long time do with our products and do not have to replace them.


Hi, my name is Suus and I started lilac in the summer of 2022. When I was in Valencia by myself I came across a shop that only sold hair clips and I thought wow! I had wanted my own business for a long time and at that moment an idea arose in my mind. That same evening I went to investigate and the same month I received the first samples. Then the lilac adventure began and in the meantime there are already many happy customers and now the hair clips are sold in various stores, something I could only dream of a while ago!
Lots of love,